Cricket, how to play? Here are all the main rules

Have you ever tried cricket ? Certainly in Italy it is not a widespread sport, but in areas of the world such as Asia (Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka) Africa (South Africa and Zimbabwe), Oceania (Australia and New Zealand) and even l ‘England and Ireland, is one of the most practiced sports … and then it is good to keep informed, wave avoid bad figures ending up on the subject.

THE FIELD : First of all cricket is played in 11 on a grass field with an oval or rectangular shape and with unspecified dimensions, what really counts is a course, usually of shorter grass, that pitch that represents the launch area, at whose two ends there are three posts that form the wickets.

RULES OF PLAY : It is played in two innings, a term also used in the basaball with which this sport has many similarities, only that in an inning is present on the field a team with the precise task of throwing the ball and defending the field (fielder ), while only one opponent at a time takes care of the bar, replaced by one of his teammates when it is eliminated: it proceeds so until elimination of the tenth beater, then after the break the two teams are reversed roles. The aim of the game is only one: do not be eliminated when you are batting and try to bring home as many points as possible, vice versa eliminate all the bats of the opposing team.

HOW THE POINTS ARE REALIZED: Conquering bases makes getting your score up. Once the ball has been thrown, the batter must try to hit it with his particular flat club (not more than 96.5 cm long while the flat part, made exclusively of wood, must not exceed 10.8 cm in width) as far as you can, so you can run to the next base and touch the ground over the popping crease with the bat before the opponents retrieve the ball: each time the basic swap players exchange a point also called race. There are then a whole series of additional points extra-runs and penalties that are worth knowing wave avoid unpleasant sanctions on the playing field, but for the batsmen it is good to remember to always try long shots:

Summarizing the cricket roles are:

  • Pitcher : throws the ball to the beaters and has to do it with the arm stretched throughout the launch, and remains in the field for at least 6 throws then must be replaced.
  • Batsman : positions himself on the batting crease, the batting line and throws the ball as far as he can with the bat. The most common techniques of batting are the shot or stroke, which is used to hit the ball in full with the club and the edge or snick, to hit the ball with the edge of the bat.
  • Fielder : must recover more balls beats possible in the shortest time.
  • The wicket-keeper is a fielder positioned behind the batter’s wicket during the game: his goal is to retrieve the balls that the batter fails to hit.

Do you know, in conclusion, how does the preamble that precedes the list of the ‘ Rules of Cricket ‘ and which introduces the short paragraph entitled ‘ The spirit of the game ‘? ‘ Cricket is a game that owes much of its uniqueness to the fact that it should be played not only according to the relevant laws but also according to the Spirit of the Game. Any action that is seen as contrary to this Spirit causes damage to the game itself. The main responsibility for ensuring that the game is conducted in the spirit of fair play is captains ‘. Keeping this principle in mind, let the game begin …