What are the rules of Cricket

Cricket is a sport born in Flanders and then in Great Britain , which is already known in the year 1300.With the founding of the Colonial Empire, it became popular in all Commonwealth countries , where it is still practiced.The regulation of Cricket is strongly based on Fair Play and respect for the opponent, includes rules of good manners usually suggested by common sense.

Whoever passes by a Cricket field, would be amazed by the composure of the players in white woolen dress , even when they mark a point.If you were to watch a game of Cricket, would be difficult to understand the rules of the game that seems a forerunner of baseball.This is a competition between two teams of 11 players each,  equipped with large wooden clubs and a ball to hit.

There is no time limit within which to conclude a game that can last several hours or even days; time is punctuated by game fractions called INNINGS.There are no indications about the extent of the regulatory field; it is played in a meadow, on the whole surface possible; At the center of the field there is a shaved area called PITCH, bounded by poles where launches take place.In this area face a pitcher, of team A, with the task of scoring points, and two batsmen of team b, who must defend the field.

Each pitcher has 6 pitches available , with which he must eliminate the opposing beaters who can alternate up to a number of 10.

The batsman is eliminated  :

  • if the ball is missing
  • if the ball is intercepted with the hands
  • if he hits a stake in his playing area
  • if he hits the ball twice
  • if it does not show up in a play position within a set time.

When the batter has hit the ball he must start running along the edge of the pitch, beating with the bat at precise points; the same thing does his counterpart, in the opposite direction, until they meet and exchange places.Every time the two batsmen, now called Runners , exchange places, score points, there is no limit of times they can do it.Other points are scored if the ball, falling, hits the edge of the field or if it comes out completely from the playing area.

The Cricket is experiencing a moment of great popularity thanks to Rupert Murdoch , the Australian magnate of communication who, great enthusiast, has bought the television rights of the most important Cricket tournaments in the world.For the occasion, the duration of the games was limited to a maximum of three hours.