Are you thinking of designing sports uniforms for the local team? All it takes is a little bit of creativity and some smart ideas. The right combination of design and colors can do wonders.

The following are a few tips which would help you design some amazing sports uniforms.

Think of a snazzy name for your team

The key is to name the team in a unique way. While thinking a name for your team which hasn’t been used before is difficult, a bit of effort and some deep thinking could help you achieve that. A distinctive name is something which could actually make the uniform stand out and make people take notice. Plus it can be a great morale booster for the team morale.

Make use of an interesting color scheme

Choose a color scheme which represents the team’s spirit and motive. Also the name that you choose for the team would have an impact on the colors you choose for the sport uniforms. Majority of the colors which a team may use include blue, white, black or red. While you may not be able to avoid using these colors altogether but combining these with a less used color scheme can actually turn out pretty good.

Whatever colors you choose make sure you don’t use more than two colors for the uniform. You actually want the uniforms to look stylish. Using too many colors can kill the classic look.

Most manufacturers even have an app which can help you see what your uniform would look like while using different color options. Make sure you make use of this facility. Mix and match colors until you come up with a palette which works for you and your team.

Don’t forget to take the opinion of two or three team leaders to get a feel of what the majority would like.

Use the right fonts

Choosing fonts is easier than ever. Simply make use of the thousands of fonts which are available online. Choose a font which represents the team’s attitude. When choosing a font make sure that it should be legible. A font which looks good on a blank canvas might not look good on a uniform. Therefore be extra careful when selecting fonts. Also be aware of the number glyphs when the fonts are printed on T-shirts.

The team’s logo

You can hire a graphic designer for the job or you could use the stock photography and illustration available on the web. You can modify the logo to your own specifications. There are also some companies which would design a logo specifically for your team for a very small fee. Just make sure you choose a good logo.

Choose simplicity above everything else

The best uniforms are those which are simple. Simplicity is what makes a sports uniform look classy. You can go for bold colors but make sure not to go overboard with intricate designs and too colors.

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