What is the Right Dart Board to Choose?

Pick the Best Dart Board for the Right Games

Each dart game and the types of darts can be broken into categories to choose from that will best fit the needs of any darts fan. Though initially, dart boards were likely made of the bottom of wine casks or the bottom of tree stumps, dart boards have come a long way through the decades. Though the size of the electronic dart board is typically larger, the regulation size of the board is 451 MMS in diameter and is divided into 20 sections.

Here are a few examples of dart boards for sale in Australia:

Bristle Dart Boards:

  • Made of sisal fibre from the agave plant, bristle boards are the most popular for both professional dart players and personal dart boards for family fun. With sisal fibre, the board is able to “heal” between games rather than leaving permanent holes in the board with every game. Due to this feature, bristle boards typically last longer than any other type of board. The board itself is surrounded by metal binding to keep the sisal fibres in place, and wire rings to separate scoring areas.
  • Another point to note is that “bristle” dart boards are actually made only out of sisal fibres. There is no proof that there have ever been darts boards that were made from pig bristle, which is assumed to be the type of hair used in bristle dartboard construction.

Electronic Dart Boards:

  • This is a type of board that is growing in popularity, typically for use in pubs and arcades. Though there are a few electronic boards that are able to take metal darts, they are typically best used with plastic tips specifically made for electronic boards. Regardless, soft tip dartboards will last longer than the steel tip dart boards.
  • The board is also covered with thousands of tiny holes and are able to count down scores as darts games are played. Because of the larger number of holes necessary for such scoring, the electronic dart board is also typically bigger than a regulation board, though the home electronic dartboard may be smaller. This makes it much less frustrating for a new player to learn on, and much easier for the novice to enjoy.

Coiled Paper Dart Boards:

  • These boards are fantastic if they will be used less frequently or used typically by children. Because it is made out of less durable materials, it is more easily damaged.
  • When possible, it is best to inspect the steel darts for dullness and burrs in order to do less damage to the boards. Sharp, clean darts will give the best results.

Cork Dart Boards:

  • Though this type of dart board is less popular and harder to find, they are still able to find. One thing to note is that, though it is called “cork,” it is typically made of wood. The largest problem with a cork dartboard is that it does not have the ability to take much wear and tear, as it will cause the cork to simply fall out. This board is definitely not suggested for heavy play.

The Final Decision

Whichever type of board is chosen for use, darts is still a fun game for the novice. Make the final decision count so it best services the setting it will be used in. Here’s wishing a fun time for all!